Bucked Off

    Anyone who has owned or been around horses more than likely has been bucked off – at least once. Now if you fell off, you would never admit it unless, yes, unless it was during a time that you were doing something daring or outlandish or there were witnesses that could not wait to tell everyone else.

    Being bucked off usually means an injury of some kind; and other than injured pride it comes with bragging rights and as many chances as possible to tell the story in your own zealous rendition. Which may be construed by some as slightly over exaggerated.

    You don’t normally have a choice of venue when a horse decides to put you in the dirt. Often as not it comes when you least expect it and will most certainly add insult to injury!

    Nugget was a prime example of a mare that liked to show how good she felt by throwing her heals to the sky and her nose to the ground. Not often would she let you know she was feeling her oats but at the most inopportune time and location all hell would break loose. Adding further element to the surprise was that she rarely bucked with someone on her back. She was just plain sneaky about when she would decide to perform! But when she put her mind to dipping her head, a rider, if not paying attention would end up on the ground and most likely walking home.

    And that is how it came to be that a trip to the emergency room was needed to make sure there were no broken bones but that the ego was somewhat kept in-tact. After all, a warning had been issued, “If you run that mare watch that she doesn’t buck you off.” Now you tell me, what does an adult know that a teenager doesn’t. Apparently a lot when it came to Nugget and about a mile from the barn this was to be proven.

    On a gravel road, surrounded by friends on saddled horses the challenge was issued as to who could get back to the barn first. The race was on and that was about the time that the teenager, who preferred to ride bareback, encountered an up-side-down view of Nugget’s shoulder before completing the air-born antics that ended in an unceremonious meeting with the gravel road. Seconds split in half could not have anticipated the quickness by which that mare deposited her rider elbow first into a world of hurt and headed for the barn.

    The look of disgust that mare bestowed on the teenager when she was caught and brought back to carry the rider home was priceless. But as anyone knows who has owned horses or been around them, if you get bucked off, hurt or not, you get back on. Especially if you have been warned.

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