Franklin eReader – Is the Cheapest Ebook Reader the Best Buy Ebook Reader

    Although the Franklin eReader is not for everyone, it is possibly the cheapest eBook reader on the market at present, and an affordable option for people struggling to buy e book reader devices.

    It does not sport the latest e-ink technology display but the LCD screen, employed on this device, is easy on the eyes, for what I would class as normal reading sessions. The back lit, 240 by 200 pixel, large LCD screen is polarized to reduce glare and make reading less stressful on the users eyes.

    You can download, onto the device, thousands of titles from either free sites, online stores and even the eBookMan store/library. At the moment the Franklin eReader comes with a free, forty dollar value, USB cradle gift. Connect to your computer, directly and quickly, to transfer content onto your device anywhere and a forty dollar value.

    The definition checker gives you access to the Merriam Webster onboard dictionary, to check the meaning of any unfamiliar words. The mp3 player lets you listen to your music stand alone or when you are reading, it also allows the user to listen to audio books and downloaded mp3 files off the Internet. The in built microphone lets you make audio notes and reminders and with an address book, calendar, a to do list and your very own scheduler, never miss another important appointment.

    The Franklin eReader comes with a USB cable, specialized CD set up disk and instruction manual plus the eBookMan USB Cradle as a free gift. If you want to buy an e book reader that is not only perfect for your personal reading needs, that can also assist you in your active lifestyle but is also one of, if not the, cheapest e book reader on the market then take a closer look at the Franklin eReader EBM-911.

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