Nokia N95 – The Iconic Nokia Mobile Phone

    In the competitive world of mobile phones there seems to be a trend occurring and that is the rise of an iconic phone either by great media exposure or just by cutting edge technology.

    We see most of the top manufacturers at one time or another cut into the market this way; Motorola had the v3 series, Samsung had the U600 onwards, LG had the Prada and Nokia has the Nokia N95.

    Since it was announced in September 2006 the Nokia N95 has been a favourite in the hands of the Great British public if not the world.

    This is mainly due to Nokia’s Swiss army knife approach to this phone which includes MP3 player, 5mp camera, Video, Built in GPS receiver, Email, Instant messaging as well as a very impressive 2.6inch TFT screen.

    Nokia understood what the public wanted and delivered it to a high started. The N series was launched with an aim to pack as many features possible into one device. These phones feature better-than-average cameras, enhanced video and music playback capacities, photo viewing capacities, together with GPS, MP3 players, and WLAN functionalities to grab keep the user truly N-gaged.

    The N95 was uncovered in September 2006 and released at the end of March 2007. This phone was heavily promoted with the tagline “It’s what computers have become”, along with similar lines such as “It’s what cameras have become”.

    On the same theme as the Nokia N95 the Nokia N95 Sport and a upgrade with the Nokia N95 8GB were not long is coming to insure the dominance of the Nokia Mobile Phone in the market especially due to the hype that was generated by the new Apple iPhone.

    The Nokia N95 8GB been an updated version of the standard N95 has a larger screen – now 2.8 inches, 8GB memory, an improved battery life and is dressed in black.

    With a 2-way slide mechanism, a numeric keypad slides out from one end while dedicated media keys slide out from the opposite direction, converting the display into full screen landscape mode perfect for games video and GPS. With built-in GPS and Nokia Maps application you can locate your current position at any time, find specific routes or locate services such as restaurants and hotels and covering more than 15 million points of interest.

    The 5 megapixel camera is one of the best cameras ever seen in the mobile phone sector. The Nokia N95 8GB has a TV out port, enabling users to easily view photos and videos on there very own TV screen. The N95 8GB is a 3G phone enabling uses access to fast web browsing, video streaming and music downloads.

    The winning formula that Nokia has brought to the market with the N95 and N95 8GB is set to continue with the pending release to the new Nokia N96 which is expected to be with us early in October 2008 so watch this space as it is sure to be a hot sequel to the highly successful N95.

    Nokia Mobile Phone

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