Rover’s ‘Armoured’ Version, Multiplies

    Earlier, Land Rover unleashed its special armoured version of Range Rover that complies with B6 ballistic level protection, which can withstand gunfire and hand grenades triggered under the said car. Now, a new armoured version vehicle is out and the model used is a Defender.

    Said armoured version is composed of specialized OEM Range Rover parts covering runflat tyres, under floor grenade and side blast protection. Auto parts for said special version include anti-tamper exhaust, tinted windows, and intercom systems. The power source of Range Rover Armoured is a 4.4 liter V8 engine that generates 225 kW/305 horsepower.

    Today’s defense vehicles have to be tough, reliable and flexible to respond to military needs and demands. Moreover, Land Rover set forth another armoured version using its Defender. Rover Defender parts are assembled in a multi-platform to come up with the expected vehicle. The armoured version uses highly-sophisticated spare parts to suit military combat.

    There are 4 armoured Defender platforms were manufactures in Rover’s Solihull factory. They include General Service and dedicated Communications vehicles, with 12v or 24v electrical systems. Additionally, specialist variants come with ambulances, weapons platforms, armour protection to B6+ level, command vehicles, and vehicles equipped for marine wading and arctic operations.

    Two of the recently launched products from Rover are the Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) and the Demountable Armoured System (DAS). Defender RDV is equipped with ring mount and munitions stowage and roll cage. Said vehicle is specially designed for airportability. Moreover, it combines the key features of the Light Strike Vehicle and the Commercially-Off-The-Shelf. In United Kingdom, 200 of this type of vehicle is utilized by the Airborne Infantry regiments.

    Defender DAS, on the other hand, uses a unique modular construction of the Defender. It allows its users to install or demount armoured panels and glass screens to a prepared General Service Vehicle. As a result, it transforms the vehicle into an Armoured Personnel Vehicle within hours. Further, protection to B6+ or Stanag 4569 level 1 can also be had. Defender DAS’ concept uses employs clear logistics and cost benefits.

    Rover’s armoured versions boast proven ability and multiple capabilities to respond to the military needs.

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