The Game of Squash

    All around the world, people are enjoying a game of Squash for the challenge and excitement it has to offer. Squash is very similar to tennis in that it involves a racquet and a ball that is hit over a court. The difference is the ball is hit on a wall before the next player hits it. Squash can be played in a game of singles (two players) or doubles (four players).

    Three kinds of balls can be used in squash. They differ in size, bounce rate, and speed.

    The most popular ball used when playing the game is the yellow dot ball. It is the fastest but at the same time has the lowest bounce rate. While beginners start on a blue dot ball, they can quickly turn over to the yellow dot ball once they get a hang of the game.

    There is another ball that is larger in size and is suitable for children. Since it is larger, it is easier to see as well as hit and many kids learn to play squash by using this ball.

    Aside from balls, there are many types of racquets that vary in weight, design, and composition. If you are planning to go out and buy one, it is best if you check out for yourself which model will suit you. You can visit squash clubs to gain an idea as they usually have demo units for anyone to try out.

    If you are serious about learning how to play squash, then why not take squash lessons? The classes will introduce the games, proper strokes, and how to control your shots. Plus, since squash is physically demanding, you might want to start an exercise routine to buff you up for the game.

    Squash is a game being played all around the world in numerous countries. Meeting a mix of international people on and off a squash racquetball court can be as exciting as a game of squash.

    If you join a squash club, you can expect to see levels that range from beginners to experts. This can be a suitable way for you to ramp up your skills because you will not have a hard time finding a squash partner who matches your skill level.

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