Top Skiing Moments to Inspire Kids on the Slopes

    Skiing can be a physically demanding sport that takes its toll on the body, but it is also one full of incredible stories of athletic feats. Should the kids be wary of giving it a go on a family ski holiday, why not share these heroic stories that are set to inspire them never to leave the slopes?

    Jamaican Bobsled Team

    This story was so inspiring it was turned into a Disney film. While the bobsled event is not actually skiing, Disney’s Cool Runnings has inspired many to take to the slopes and try their hand at carving on powder – particularly children!

    Based on the inspiring 1988 entry of the first ever Jamaican bobsled team in the Calgary Winter Olympics, the film shows how it doesn’t matter where you come from – winter sports can be attempted and succeeded by anyone should they try hard enough. While the team didn’t win a medal, their underdog status continues to inspire those taking to the slopes, and with Jamaica returning to the Winter Olympics in 2014, their efforts continue to motivate young skiers and snowboarders today.

    Eddie the Eagle

    Similarly, Britain’s first Olympic Ski Jumping competitor Michael Edwards, or as he is affectionately otherwise known Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, showed that you don’t necessarily have to win to be successful at sports on the snow. Eddie finished last in both the 70m and 90m at the 1988 Olympics but became famous for his plucky British bulldog spirit.

    He acts as a great example to all those who have never before tried skiing and showed that failure only comes with giving up.

    Mick Brennan

    Finally, this year’s 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi showed another example of fighting British spirit on the snow, with former soldier and Paralympic sit-skier Mick Brennan. Having lost his legs in a suicide bomb attack during a tour in Iraq, Brennan has gone on to finish 10th in the immensely difficult super-G event. Brennan’s position comes after 14 skiers crashed out on the difficult course, proving that his sheer determination after a difficult four years could overcome the challenge of Sochi.

    Brennan’s performance acts as an inspiration to all in the skiing community after he almost didn’t compete after fears were raised over the safety of the course. Brennan’s specially-designed mono-ski had to take him round a course that was in the midst of unseasonably mild conditions and was lacking in snow and, after a series of personal challenges, his entry proved to be an inspirational moment in skiing history.

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