What Martial Arts is Best For Developing Confidence in a Fight?

    No matter what your primary reason for studying Martial Arts is, everyone who practices one of the arts wants to have the confidence that comes from knowing that their style is practice in self defense situations. The question of which style is best for self defense has been debated for decades, and everyone can cite reasons why the style they practice is best suited for combat.

    For years many believed that Bruce Lee’s art, Jeet kun Do, was the best style for true fighting application. Jeet Kun Do, “the style of no style was developed by Bruce Lee after he analyzed one of his fights. He made a conclusion that traditional Martial Arts were to ridged for street fighting applications. He then took the most suited street fighting techniques from all the Martial Arts styles and put them together into one art, Jeet Kun Do.

    The art of combat is about knowing yourself and your opponent. You have to understand what your strengths are, and the strengths of your style. Likewise you have to be able to quickly determine your opponent’s weaknesses. With these understandings, the Martial Artist needs to use the techniques he has studied to keep the fight where he has the strongest advantage. The Martial Artist, who can analysis the situation the fastest, and use his techniques with the most skill to keep the fight where his strengths are will end up on top.

    In the 1990’s the UFC first hit the scene. With the emergence of the UFC the Martial Arts community was introduced to the Gracie family and their fighting style, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ). As the UFC grew in popularity, so did BJJ. BJJ is considered a grappling art, where chokes and submission holds are used to win a fight. The thought process behind BJJ is that over 85% of all fights end up on the ground and those who practice ground fighting have the advantage. BJJ is considered by many the best fighting art today.

    The majority of Martial Arts were designed with combat in mind, hence the name “Martial”.  All fighting systems have strengths and weaknesses, understanding your weaknesses and the weaknesses of your art are the first step in solid self defense. If you train diligently, and practice your techniques until they are second nature you will be capable of defending yourself against most untrained fighters, no matter what Martial Art you study. When faced with a trained fighter, it is not so much the style of the art, but who has the better understanding of how to apply his art that usually determines the victor.

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