Why a Celebrity Chooses to Wear a Leather Bomber Jacket

    Anyone asking the question why a celebrity would choose to wear a leather bomber jacket will need to know whether the celebrity is wearing it in daily life or as part of the so-called “costume” wear required in a movie or stage show.

    For example, Tom Cruise wore a G-1 design leather bomber jacket in the hugely successful blockbuster Top Gun, in which he played Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. The movie was about macho students who attended an elite US flying school set up for advanced fighter pilots, and of course the G-1 was one of the most popular flight jackets of the time, albeit a jacket that was issued to the Navy and Marine pilots, rather than Air Force pilots.

    Maverick’s jacket was seal-brown in color and it had a fur collar. It was also full of badges (or patches) that had been sewn on for effect.

    Johnny Depp also wore a leather bomber jacket in the movie Donnie Brasco, in which he played the role of FBI agent Joe Pistone, undercover as Donnie Brasco a jewel thief.

    Brad Pitt, another top celeb, wore one in Snatch, the 2000 crime movie set in the London criminal underworld.

    And Vin Diesel wore one in XXX, the action spy movie in which he played the lead role as a thrill-seeking extreme sports enthusiast and stuntman – and (of course) a spy for the National Security Agency.

    So these celebrities were told to wear their jackets. Many more chose to wear them simply because they like the generic style. While this type of jacket was initially designed for World War I fighter pilots to wear, they quickly became a fashion statement which, quite surprisingly, has persisted until today.

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