Your Next Best Car Lease Deal? Try BMW’s 1-Series Coupe

    If you are looking for the next best car lease deal in the area of sports and luxury motoring, you may want to look at one of the ultimate brands in automotive history: BMW. BMW has always claimed one product after the other to be the ultimate driving machine and it’s for a just cause. Think about your next best car lease deal in the form of their new 1-Series Coupe, for example.

    Now this is the vehicle to beat; or at least that’s what BMW would like us to think. After all, BMW’s M3 was topped by other brands such as the Audis RS4 and their X5 was beaten with all hands down to Land Rover’s Discovery. But there really is something about the BMW that will probably make it to the best car lease deal lists of America. Perhaps it’s the famous form factor, sleek and rugged, or maybe it’s just the noise the engine makes when revving it in the streets. So let’s take a closer look at the BMW 1-Series Coupe.

    Dubbed as the next best thing to test drive, the BMW 1-Series Coupe is a claimed 4-seater, although it does seem very compact. However, unlike many compact cars on the market, this one is a rear-wheel drive and it sports a new electronic differential and supposedly one of the best engines that the world has seen to date. Take down notes before making the next best car lease deal decision. A 3.0-liter petrol driven car, it features twin-turbo and this is it what makes it the most powerful car in its range. In fact, it is only almost outperformed by one of BMW’s M-class models. It sports a very conservative and very familiar design which you will recognize almost instantly as a BMW so don’t expect anything new by way of shape; however, it is very stylish can is up there with all the rest of the top hatchbacks in the market when it comes to looks.

    The interior of this mean machine is packed with (of course) a HiFi system to take your favorite concert onto the road with you, a USB audio connection port for your iPod, climate control, manual seat height adjustment (electric is optional), optional gear shift paddles for the extreme gear switcher, and all the trim and leather that you can breathe into your lifestyle. Sound like the best car lease deal? On paper, it does look pretty sweet.

    The next question to ask, and one to keep in mind when dealing with any best car lease deal, is how much it will set you back. The BMW 1-Series Coupe is slated to be just a little over $60,000. Of course, this all depends on what options you have placed in their, like the steering wheel with all the nifty music controls, or the all leather trim for that extra touch of class.

    All in all, it’s a small package that seems reasonably priced and will definitely be a winner in your neck of the woods. Is it the next best car lease deal? With this much promise coming from BMW, it’s expected to be.

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